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stjohnmoonlight's Journal

St. John by Moonlight
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A fan community for the CBS series Moonlight.
Moonlight is an American television series that premiered on the CBS network September 28, 2007. It is about a private investigator, Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin), who is also a vampire. Mick has feelings for Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), an Internet reporter, who was saved by Mick when she was a child. Other characters include Mick's "wife" Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon), the one who turned him into a vampire, presumed dead after a fire but has apparently returned as Morgan. Mick's fellow vampire and friend is Josef Konstantine (Jason Dohring). Beth's boyfriend is Josh Lindsey (Jordan Belfi).


List of Episodes:

1.01 "No Such Things as Vampires" (9/28/07)
1.02 "Out of the Past" (10/05/07)
1.03 "Dr. Feelgood" (10/12/07)
1.04 "Fever" (10/19/07)
1.05 "Arrested Development" (10/26/07)
1.06 "B.C." (11/02/07)
1.07 "The Ringer" (11/09/07)
1.08 "12:04 AM" (11/16/07)
1.09 "Fleur de lis" (11/23/07)
1.10 "Sleeping Beauty" (12/14/07)
1.11 "Love Lasts Forever" (01/11/08)
1.12 "The Mortal Cure" (01/18/08)
1.13 "Fated to Pretend" (04/25/08)
1.14 "Click" (05/02/08)
1.15 "What's Left Behind" (05/09/08)
1.16 "Sonata" (05/16/08)

Moonlight was canceled after only one season of 16 episodes. It continues to be a fan favorite and sometimes airs on the SciFi Channel.

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