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24 November 2007 @ 11:38 am
A little bit about the characters' backgrounds...  
vaders_child asked about Josef's past in her recent post and I knew something had been said on at least one of the episodes about it but I couldn't remember what. Here's what Wikipedia: Supernatural said about Josef...

"Jason Dohring as Josef Konstantin, a centuries old vampire (he was four years old in 1603 as mentioned in the episode The Ringer, therefore making him 408 years old), and St. John's mentor. Not much is known about his past and he doesn't reveal anything of it unless prompted. He claims to have gone insane when first turned into a vampire in Dr. Feelgood, was chased by a mob in There's No Such Thing as Vampires, and has known Coraline for roughly a hundred years before she met Mick. He doesn't understand why Mick is helping humans and has told him so on many occasions."

So not a lot has been said about his past yet but that just makes for a lot of possibilities for future episodes.

Here's what Wikipedia: Supernatural said about Mick, Beth (skimpy info here), and Coraline...

"Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St. John. A private investigator who was turned into a vampire over fifty years ago. His wife, Coraline, turned him on their wedding night. He remained solo for the next thirty years of his life. Then he was approached by a mother desperate to find her kidnapped daughter Beth. Mick rescued the child from the kidnapper, his ex-wife Coraline, who he then killed. He has continued to keep track of Beth over the years."

"Sophia Myles as Beth Turner, an internet reporter, and St. John's love interest. She finds out that Mick's a vampire and is a great partner to him, saving his life multiple times."

"Shannyn Sossamon as Coraline, St. John's ex-wife and sire. A courtesan in early 18th century France, she is approximately 300 years old. She turned Mick into a vampire on their honeymoon. She was presumed dead after Mick rescued Beth and set the building on fire, trapping Coraline within. In the episode entitled "The Ringer", Sossamon also appeared as a human photographer, Morgan. Both Mick and Josef saw Coraline's mannerisms and style in Morgan, yet she is human, not a vampire. Mick tried to force her to reveal herself, looking for the fleur de lis tattoo that his former wife had on her right shoulder, but Morgan's shoulder was bare. The last scene of the episode shows Morgan wiping makeup from her shoulder, revealing the tattoo, Morgan herself shortly later confirmed she is Coraline. In the episode fleur de lis, the tattoo is shown as being a brand."